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Tradewinds McLeod Holiday Apartments
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Why Book Directly With The Hotel??


Don't believe the best price labels other third party websites use, they are often false. People book accommodation by various means such as third party booking websites or direct with the hotel themselves. These third party accommodation websites offer a huge list of accommodation providers and prices at a glance so you can see what is available when you travel.

But what people do not realise is that when you book via a lot of these websites, extra charges like credit card fees, booking fees and have admin fees apply if you decide the change the booking at a later stage. When booking DIRECT with us via this website or by phone, these extra charges do not exist and the end product is identical no matter how you book. Then you will be confident we have your booking and you did not book through a fake website and your apartment will be available when you check-in.

Plus if one of these third party websites goes out of business, you lose what you have paid. This does happen, even with the so called ‘reputable’ big name third party websites. Many travel agencies have gone under in recent times, several each year, with people losing their holiday bookings and money.  Don't take the risk, book direct with the hotel. If the hotel goes broke, your funds are held in a trust account that is legally bound to give you a refund of your booking fees no matter what.

Advantages of booking online through an accommodation website or travel agent and not direct with the hotel themselves.

  1. Packages are available all in one place, tours, accommodation and car hire. These can be booked from some providers all in one booking and paid for all at once, but you pay a premium price for this luxury normally that could run into many hundreds of dollars.
  2. You are dealing face to face with someone at a travel agency, but their knowledge will be limited about the accommodation place you want to book and problems often result.
  3. The hotel is provided with limited guest information and if they need to contact you directly they often cannot, this may mean delayed check-in or worse no check-in that evening you arrive.

Advantages of booking DIRECTLY through the hotel themselves and not a third party.

  1. By booking direct with us you can save up to 20% on accommodation. Don't believe us? compare our prices here with anywhere else. We Guarantee It is cheaper. How do we know? we set all prices everywhere.
  2. Extra value is added when booking directly with us in the form of discounts for hotel services and tour bookings as well as you receive FREE internet with direct bookings.
  3. You are dealing with us directly - not a third party. If you need to change your booking or cancel it you can deal with us directly and immediately instead of having to go through a third party who have to relay messages between us and you. This takes time and can incur additional fees as well as mixed messages. We are more flexible with our cancellations as well.
  4. You will know that your hotel room is in actual fact there for you when you arrive. There are many fake accommodation websites around, how do you know what one to trust? For all you know you could book a fake hotel. Or we may not even have received your booking to begin with.
  5. Accommodation booking and travel agencies are like any business and can go out of business without warning. Big or Small they can go out of business with thousands of people losing thousands of dollars, happens multiple times every year. If you have parted with money, there is no guarantee they will be around next week. Many people have arrived at a hotel to check-in, only to find their booking cancelled or does not exist.
  6. When you book directly with us, we are governed by law to place any of your funds into a Trust Account, so, even if we went into liquidation all your payments will be refunded in full without question as required by law. Most third party booking agents do not provide this assurance.
  7. When booking direct with us you are only dealing with one person. All information given is accurate and we can contact you directly if we need to. You won’t get this direct line of communication or accuracy with us through a third party booking website or agency and many problems do continually occur.
  8. Third party booking websites often do not allow us to update and/or include all the information we want so can be out of date with old pictures etc. Our own offical website is always accurate with up to date information.
  9. With so many scams circulating, you never know what is safe, book direct either online right here or call us, then you know for sure you have secured accommodation at the best possible price and that your room is 100% secured and there upon your arrival.